Regular exercise for women

What muscle groups should women strengthen in particular?

Women should for health reasons focus on strengthening these parts:

- The lower part of the abdominal muscles and the lower part of the gluteal muscles (the hip)
- Lower fixators blades and external rotators of the humerus (grip and strengthening the back and shoulders)
- Thoracic spinal erectors (holding the chest)
- Upper pectoral muscle fibers (reinforcement joints between the ribs and the sternum)
- Deep flexors of the cervical spine (head position)

Myth: Working out with weights is not suitable for women

Given that the female body cannot naturally produce as much testosterone (one of the main hormones responsible for muscle growth) as male it is impossible to get same muscle volume as men. The origin of the myth about bulky feminine bodies are primarily a professional bodybuilders who actually have male characteristics. Most of these women take anabolic steroids (synthetic testosterone) which is the secret behind this high degree of masculinity.

Women interested in weight loss should do only aerobic activity

When losing weight doing only aerobic activity is not enough. If you do not strengthen lose muscle mass you cannot really shape your body well. Women who are focusing only on aerobic activity reach very difficult the body they desire. In addition muscle mass burns more calories and you will lose weight faster.

Aerobic activity improves physical stamina. It is good to do aerobic activities in nature. The most ideal ones are jogging, walking, biking. The most efficient way to burn fat is to keep the body in a medium intense motion for a prolonged period at least 30 minutes. After 15 to 20 minutes depending on the intensity of the exercise your body begins to burn fat. The very ideal is to practice three times a week for about 45 minutes. It is very important that we are moving regularly.

It is recommended to exercise at 65-85 % of maximum heart rate. It’s probably a pace in which we can talk without problems during exercise. Beginners should stick to the lower limit of the recommended heart rate, while trained individuals should adhere to more. If we choose the intensity of the movement too low it will not affect the metabolism much. If you are exercising too intensely you burn mainly carbohydrates and eliminate muscle mass.


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El Washi Tape no sólo sirve para el Scrapbooking. Nos sirve para personalizar casi cualquier cosa, es un material sencillo pero imprescindible. Entra en : http://caprichosdiy.blogspot.com.es/2014/01/ideas-con-washi-tape.HTML

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Meaningful Beauty secret

Can Meaningful Beauty Deliver Results? The resurgence of the dubious Meaningful Beauty scam has raised doubts on the effectiveness of the skincare product in question. Although before we toss stones at any person ask if you never have experienced the cosmetic line on your own. There needs to be reason why these cosmetics are purchased a lot.

Before you start coming to super fast assumptions, have a go with this cosmetic products yourself. Sixty days full money back guarantee should be suitable for it. Everyone of us have to read much deeper not only in to the promoting lines but to user reviews it has to comprehend it better. You could leave a response on the product’s quality after. Since every person comes with specific skin type that has unique sensitivity and some people could benefit of the cosmetic products, some other wouldn’t. To figure out whether it can be suitable for the skin, you should know more details.

Products of Meaningful Beauty Skincare Line:

Skin Softening Cleanser for the refreshed, clean and good looking skin. It gives a radiant and silky feeling.

Crème de Serum that is made from super anti-oxidant SOD is considered to be the key part of the Meaningful Beauty anti-aging formula that is surely an extract from the uncommon kind of melon; age defying peptides, and hyaluronic acid are also used in the concoction. This formula regenerates the nourishing substances to regenerate and heal the skin.

Anti-Oxidant day crème can be described as day skin cream containing SPF 20 to protect you of the sunrays anytime. It’s actually exclusively developed to provide the greatest possible resistance of radicals, helping you have perfect skin.

Glycolic Treatment Pads provide your skin with exfoliation so that it will glow inside out. Great anti-oxidant content provides protection for your skin a day!

Skin Brightening décolleté as the name suggests this cure will be for your decollete and neck areas for treatment of them with moisturizing and SPF formula. Like in case of day lotion, it has SPF too.

Could be products good for anyone?

70% of users in fact declare for getting great results of the skin care.

Complete product line is founded on medically verified techniques that increase the condition of skin. They are currently truly the only ones that have drawn out large quantities of special vitamin antioxidants located on an unique melon in southern France. This antioxidant will not be the only valuable component, you could see the entire list of them on the web and it’s possible to see they are just perfect for your requirements.


Treatments for your hair- DIY

Give your hair some special care. Spare some time for wellness at least one day every week and do a little hair treatment with one of these simple and easy recipes. Take a sneak peek into your fridge and get immediate fix. Seriously, don’t be afraid to try!

It doesn’t matter which a hair mask you decide on, just simply leave it on as long as possible. When you’re comfortable when sleeping with that on even better. Those masks should always be applied once per week particularly on seriously damaged hair.

Homemade moisturizing conditioner

Blend really soft avocados with a fork and then mix that along with egg yolk. If you have really long hair, you may need 2 or more eggs. Next, apply this mixture on hair, wrap hair with a bath towel and make into the turban. Wash off right after thirty minutes and wash using your standard hair care products.

Conditioner for dry hair and scalp

If perhaps you’ve got very dry scalp, your skin may get help from avocado and honey mask. Peel off and cut avocado in the parts. After that mash it in the bowl with 3 teaspoons of honey and one tsp of almond oil and apply. Let it to work in the hair and after that rinse totally.


Hello beauty astronauts!

It really is my pleasure to give you a big welcome to my blog!

In the beginning I need to let you know guys how thrilled I’m to begin my own new blog and it is sweet of you to visit it! Here is just a brief information about me, so you know better who I am. I’m just a normal gal. In a couple of days I am going to turn 23. I’m from Oregon, although in fact my family is originally from United Kingdom and I am proud of it. I am still trying (pretending to…huh) study on the local university and additionally do some foreign language classes during my spare time (it is big hobby of mine).

I decided to get started with this first blog, considering that I’m huge fan of girlish things and I also am convinced my advices may help for some of you. I would like you to be aware that I am not a qualified professional. I hope however, that I can give you some honest advice. ;)

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